Be forced to play with your cousin's
Dolls. Rub little circles where Barbie
Is different from Ken.

Argue with yourself which
Is better: Legos or Mega Blox.

Hold your breath when your tobacco-stained
Neighbor wants to tell you about women.

See your sister naked
In the bath tub; wait
For the psychological
Scars to heal.

Learn that you hate potted meat.

Make the horrible, lung murdering
Mistake of sucking the foam off your
Large fountain grape soda.

Start shaving. Nick yourself;
Feel like a surgeon, scientific.

Have your first kiss. Later, think
About postage stamps while trying
To ignore her fingernails digging
Into your chest.

Order the lobster. Send back
The fish-styrofoam
That they gave you. Try
Shrimp instead.

Find yourself going to the post office
Every week. Memorize the new
Postage with a smile.
Tell yourself it's normal.

JB LITTLE has been writing since adolescence, but his first real introduction to fiction writing came during his time enrolled in the Computer Science program at Mississippi State University. In the years following, despite the major academic setback, JB pursued his love of fiction all the way from Starkville to the University of Southern Mississippi. He is extremely happy to have his work featured during his final semester as an undergraduate.