Molly Hangs out with Her Friend Libby
by Michael Hellums

We watched the wind
blow through those trees
in the park by your house.

It was cold December
and you shivered so much I
could hear it.
Teeth clicking,
hands rubbing,
You looked like death,
frozen in place.

I’d never seen all the weight you lost.
I’d never noticed how well I could
count your bones through your
skin. But the longer we stood
the more plain they were.
I was scared, terrified
more than you will
ever know.  But
I- I had no idea,
no clue what
I could do

Michael Hellums is a senior from DeSoto County, MS seeking a B.A. in History.  In his spare time, he follows sports (both real and fake) and has an unbridled hatred for adverbs and anyone that dares to still use that "Those who don't know their history..." line.