“You can never get a cup of tea large enough…to suit me.”
                                                        —C.S. Lewis

No lemon, no orange,

Just toasted honey.

You’re a traditionalist

Based on routine.

Bitter as the sunrise

Sweetened by cream and cane.

You’ve been conquered

And traded and finally

Made aristocracy.

I see you everywhere,

But you hide on dusty shelves

Waiting to infiltrate homes

Like you occupied mine.

As the star brightens sky,

I taste your final

Monochrome kiss.

BRIANNA MCBRIDE-COOK is a senior at the University of Southern Mississippi and will be graduating in 2016 with a B. A. in English.  A native of small town Pelahatchie, Mississippi, she enjoys writing poetry and fiction and reading almost any book she can get her hands on.