What If in a Cowboy World

you happened upon a milk-colored
cow skull in the wildflower field of
cowgirl dreams. Pick it up and exert

willpower, pushing and producing a pearl.
Tell doctors about your
premonitions. Psychiatrist says there’s

an abnormality, softens the brain.
Falling into the category of bony beauties,
gynecologist says eat more, eat less.

How can you distinguish the truths when
you’re covered in jagged rocks on Venus?


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Miranda Loper

Miranda Loper will be graduating with a Bachelors’ in English in May 2019. She grew up in Enterprise, MS but now lives in Seminary, MS with her husband and beloved pets. In the fall, she will be continuing her education at the University of Southern Mississippi in the Master’s of Library and Information Science Program. As an aspiring youth services librarian, she aims to encourage young readers to pursue creative writing as one of many outlets for expression in the same manner her mentors encouraged her. She can be reached at Miranda.Espey@usm.edu. .