Self Portrait as a Chest of Toys

I was a chest of toys -
an excess of wealth and youth;
half treasure, half waste of space.

I was the hair on dolls
matted by neglect and
the smell of plastic
and misplaced sweets.
I was mismatched socks,
a princess dress,
a hero's cape.

I was the wonder
as to if that chest contained a heart
and lungs -
and because I wondered,
it did.

More than anything I was a façade of perfection
having everything, but being nothing
and over these years I've been emptied
and then filled as if by a birthday -
and then emptied
and then filled
and emptied.

India Smith.JPG

India Smith

India Smith is a sophomore at USM majoring in English and minoring in vocal performance.  She sings in the USM Concert Choir and loves listening to and performing music. She enjoys watching movies, reading, indoor gardening, nature conservation, and writing.