40 feet standing tall
First arm sprouted at 100 years old
My grandfather knew you when you were bare
Three generations watched you bloom
White trumpet flower
Sparrow perch

Barrel Cactus
Little ball
A traveler’s friend
Mojave Desert stretching vastly
I thought about laying my head on your pillow top
The lizard told me I should not
Your spines are hot
Deadly prick

Prickly Pear
Red and yellow
I’d like to pick you right up
But first, I’ll remove your clustered spines
So that I might dine on your
Fleshy pads and


Christopher Mapp.JPG

Christopher Mapp

Christopher Mapp is an English major. He attended the Mississippi School of the Arts. Submitting his work to journals and magazines is a goal of his, so starting here seems like the right way to go.