Do you still love me, mom?

I killed your daughter,

                            slaughtered and draped in pink,

            wearing those pigtails you loved

                            and those dresses you thought shaped her physique.

Hollow shell

            echoes a knock.

I desperately want out

            of this cage of iron and bone,

of velvet flesh draped for a stage,

a false performance of someone

I am not.

Fearful lusted fingers

            rip at delicate skin

shred apart this certificate which

damned me at birth.

Fuck the Queen

you thought ruled this land

for this King

shall rise

once she is



Case Jaq Jefcoat

Case Jaq Jefcoat is an undergraduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi. They are a student of English Licensure with a focus in Creative Writing. They have been writing prose and drama since 2014 and recently began writing poetry in 2018. Their prior published work includes a literary essay on Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie from the 2017 Mississippi Community College Creative Writing Association’s competition and a short fiction story titled Escape from the William Faulkner Literary Competition in 2014. Their email contact is